Feeling blah today

I think that the subject line tells it all. I feel really blah today and ahve felt that way for a couple of days. It seems really quiet in this house and that may be why I feel so stinking blah. Yesterday was seven months since I buried Sue and I am sure that has a lot to do with it. I would love to say it was a nightmare that I am just now waking up from, but don't think that is reality too. In some ways I would just love to stay here in the house and go nowhere, but know that is not healthy mentally for me. I did get on my bike and ride for 32 minutes this morning and that felt great because I felt like I needed to ride.
I am just going to take it easy this afternoon and just see what happens.


Feeling down tonight

I am feeling kind of down tonight. It seems so quiet here in the house right now and cannot stand it. I am really missing Sue right now and even if we were just watching tv, it would seem more lively than it normally has been lately.
I know that I am goi8ng to go through some of these feelings from time to time and I do remember the good times as well.