It's Monday

I think that the title says it all today. I have had trouble getting going today. I guess I went to bed too late last night and Sue's alarm went off too early this morning. I hate it when she keeps hitting that stupid snooze button. After she left, I rolled over and did not wak up until 8:30, and that is really late for me, but it felt really good and now I am finishing up my first cup of coffee and am going to go and finish up some laundry that needs to be dried and then hung up. I hope I can get to my exercise bike too because I have been under the weather off and on for the last couple of weeks and I have not riddent like I like to and can really feel lit, but am getting back on track with it and will be all right.
It is much warmer today than I would like it to be but it looks like the wonderful fall weather that we were having will be back by the middle of the week and I can definitely handle that too.


A cool morning

It was nice and cool out this morning. I like this kind of weather and I am definitely ready for fall to come. I know that it is supposed to warm back up over the weekend, but if this is what the rest of fall is going to be like, I am definitely ready for it.


A rough few days

It has been a rough few days. Somehow on Saturday I got a stomach bug that kept me running all day long Sunday and I really felt wiped out and was still feeling kind of woozy yesterday but am all right now. It is nice and cool out this morning and that is really nice. I am just taking it easy as usual and am enjoying my morning pot of coffee, and not decaf either, it really gets my day going and I enjoy it while things are peaceful and quiet here in the house as well.
I will be getting on my bike hopefully in a little while and hopefully Sue will be haing another good day at work too.


What a busy morning

I think that says it all. It has been a rather busy morning for me and that is a good thing. I moved the base for our new cordless phone system from the bedroom to the office because were having real difficulty with the handset in the den. I have a feeling that it had to do with the wiring in the back wall of the house and now since I went trhough the trouble to move it, the phone in the den sounds great. I think that was all that it needed and I am happy that I was able to get it done.
I really hope that Sue is having a good day today since her one student is in in school suspension and I know that she had a pretty good day yesterday as well as more participation from her parents last night buy coming out and meeting her. It is really unusual for her to have more than one parent, but this time she had nearly half of her parents come out and that is a really good thing because there were some that she really needed to talk to and was able to accomplish that too.


Major and peanut butter

Major loves peanut butter. I would have never known that if he had not gotten into a jar of peanut butter that Sue had in a bag that was unopened. I was in the bathroom and the cell phone rang and while there I thought he was in the bedroom, but little did I know that he was in the den helping himself to a jar. He chewed the lid off and then proceeded to eat as much as he could get with that long nose and tongue of his. Needless to say that when Sue got home last night, she found it and was not happy with him at all. The funny thing was that it was not the Aldi's brand, it was the reduced fat Peter Pan, the really good stuff, so he has expensive taste in peanut butter.
Needless to say, he was in the dog house for that one and I put him on leash for the rest of the evening, because he did not want to listen to mee at all. He has definitely been much better today because I am learning that with Major, I ahve to use different tactics than with the other two dogs that I ahve had. I realize that it is all a learning process just like life, but he is a sweet dog and I would not have it any other way.


Really sore

I think that the subject line says it all tonight. I am really sore. My tail bone really hurts tonight and I have taken some Excedrin back and body to see if that will take the edge off of it before I go to bed. I definitely got on the bike today and it felt good to bump up the tension level back to where I had been riding it too, and maybe that did not help, but I have to get back into the groove of exercising too. I really missed the week that I had to take off because I was sick and now I am having to work back up to where I was before I got sick.
I think I definitely need to go and just get on it earlier than I have been and that way I will be in the mood to ride it five days a week. I like the tension level where it is because it gives me just enough of a workout and then easy enough to be enjoyable as well.
I am really hoping my tail bone feels much better in the morning too.

Nice and quiet

I love it because it is so nice and quiet here in the house. It really looks like it is going to pour at any time now and we could use more rain. We got about two inches last night and some of it was really hard and we could use a couple of days where we could just have soaking rain would be really nice.
I am really hoping that Sue is having a better day today and that school won't be so frustrating.


A great presentation

We had a great presentation from our puppy group at the downtown library today. The kids have a story time every Saturday and then we had Major and all of our puppies that are being raised by our group. It was a lot of fun and major was great. All of the kids really loved petting him and he was the star of the show. I am hoping that we got some interest from the adults about becoming puppy raisers as well. That is something that we still definitely need more of and I was proud to represent Southeastern by doing this presentation.
I was also asked by one of the raisers who is a lawyer working for our local Protection and Advocacy agency to help draft legislation to procure entrance for puppies in training like I have with Major. We are one of a few Southeasterrn states that do not have this protection and it is great that we have a puppy raiser with these kinds of credentials. I think it will b really interesting to see if we can go ahead and get some of our legislators on board as well and that will make the process easier as well.
I really enjoyed the day and did not enjoy watching the USC-Georgia game this afternoon because frankly we did not play well and it definitely showed, but am enjoying the rest of the weekend while it is here.


A frustrating morning

I think that this title says it all. This morning started with a bang. I guess I should have just gone back to bed after trying to prepare breakfast. It started with my otameal cooking over in the microwave and then after getting all of that cleaned up, Major was trying to eat garbage out of the garbage can in the kitchen that I had accidently left open. I really had to get onto him because it was like when I told him no, he was not even hearing me, then he did not want to listen when I called him to come into the house.
At least going down to take the garbage went well, but when I came back in the house, I tripped over a box and fell on my butt. I think I may have bruised my tailbone and maybe my pride as well, but at least the coffee turned out well and hopefully Sue is having a better day than she did yesterday with her kids too. I really felt sorry for her this morning because the stress of at least of one the kids is really tiring her out and today of all days is her birthday and to have to work on your birthday is not really fair, even though I ahve had to do that myself a few times too.
I just hope that the rest of the day goes better and hopefully my cold will be better too.


Not feeling well

I think that the subject line says it all. I have had a bad cold since Friday afternoon and I am tired of it already. I think I got it from Sue and she has had one all week long too and we are both drained from it. We were going to church yesterday, but neither one of us felt like getting ready and sitting through a service. I know that sounds really bad, but that was where we were at the time. I am hoping that we can go this coming Sunday and hopeefully we will both feel better.
I am looking forward to the presentation for kids at the library on Saturday. We are going to have all of the puppies in our puppy group and of course Major and I will be the mainn attraction. I always enjoy doing presentations and am going to go ahead an start thining about what I am going to say. It is always a little different when you are talking to kids rather than adultss, so I will figure out what will be the best thing to say and how to go ahead and say it too. I think it will be really interesting and I also hope that they come loaded with some really good questions as well.


Sleepy this morning

I think that just says it all. I am a little sleepy this morning because I stayed up too late last night watching my beloved Gamecocks get their butts beat on national tv. It should have been a blowout, but they melted down instead. It is the usual stuff that I have been hearing all of my life and as a fan, I am getting sick of it. If the coaching is that bad, then we need to hire someone young and upcoming that is not afraid to take some chances with the players that we already have.
My sinuses have been draining the last couple of days and I am afraid that I am getting the cold that Sue had, and I guess share and share alike.
I think that this is going to be a really laid back weekend and I think we are just going to take it easy because neither one of us has really felt good the last couple of days too.


A quiet morning

It is a nice and quiet morning here. Major has been out and we are going to go and get the trash can from the end of the driveway after the mail comes, so we can go and get it at the same time too. I have had part of my morning pot of coffee and will finish it after I go and ride my Recumbent bike here in just a few minutes. Sue slept better after getting some muscle relaxers from her mom last night. She had some really bad cramps in her legs causing her not to be able to sleep and after taking them, she slept much better and I think she feels just a little better this morning too.
We are just hanging out and are enjoying the peace and quiet.


Exciting news

When I called to check on my dad this morning, I got the surprise of my life. It was dad that answered the phone and he sounded really good. He is being able now to bathe himself and said that he enjoyed his shower this morning as well and that is definitely a good thing. He went to the neuro surgeon this morning and he told him that the back looked great and to start doing things as he felt like doing them and to make sure that he was walking as much as he could.
I kow that the therapy is going really well too and the fact that he was able to go into the front yard yesterday was a huge accomplishment as well. I know that all of this really tires him out, but am also sure that this is the only way that he is going to get his strength back as well.


Encouraging news

I got some really encouraging news on my dad today. It seems that he is really walking around the house well and has been able to start bathing himself as well as being able to take his dishes into the kitchen too. I really find this encouraging especially since it has only been three weeks since his back surgery and then only about three weeks since he was in icu from the bacterial infection. I am really thankful that he is still alive as well as that he is doing so well with his recovery and rehab.
I know that he has a long way to go still, but at leasst he is getting better every day that passes and that is what we were looking for and it looks like this surgery wasa a success.


A great supper tonight

We had a great supper tonight. The turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes were awesome as always. WWe love having that meal as often as we can and don't just have to have it for Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. I love a good turkey anyhow and it is really good for you as well.
We watched Facing the Giants and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had not seen it. It is a great movie about facing the giants in life and letting God overcome them for you. We watched Flywheel over the weekend and it was just as good and was produced by the same church that produced Facing the Giants. They have a new one coming out in the theaters soon and hopefully it will be just as good and cannot wait to see it or buy the dvd when it comes out too.

A quiet day

It has been a relatively quiet day here today. We have gotten some laundry done and Sue had to go and help her mom stuff the turkey for tonight's supper. For some odd reason, she is not feeling well and thinks that maybe she got the upper respiratory infection from our niece who just had it because she was holding her Saturday afternoon.
We are going to go and watch Facing the Giants with Sue's brother and his family. What a great movie that is and I ahve also seen Flywheel and it is worth buying too.