Not feeling well

I think that the subject line says it all. I have had a bad cold since Friday afternoon and I am tired of it already. I think I got it from Sue and she has had one all week long too and we are both drained from it. We were going to church yesterday, but neither one of us felt like getting ready and sitting through a service. I know that sounds really bad, but that was where we were at the time. I am hoping that we can go this coming Sunday and hopeefully we will both feel better.
I am looking forward to the presentation for kids at the library on Saturday. We are going to have all of the puppies in our puppy group and of course Major and I will be the mainn attraction. I always enjoy doing presentations and am going to go ahead an start thining about what I am going to say. It is always a little different when you are talking to kids rather than adultss, so I will figure out what will be the best thing to say and how to go ahead and say it too. I think it will be really interesting and I also hope that they come loaded with some really good questions as well.

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