It's Monday

I think that the title says it all today. I have had trouble getting going today. I guess I went to bed too late last night and Sue's alarm went off too early this morning. I hate it when she keeps hitting that stupid snooze button. After she left, I rolled over and did not wak up until 8:30, and that is really late for me, but it felt really good and now I am finishing up my first cup of coffee and am going to go and finish up some laundry that needs to be dried and then hung up. I hope I can get to my exercise bike too because I have been under the weather off and on for the last couple of weeks and I have not riddent like I like to and can really feel lit, but am getting back on track with it and will be all right.
It is much warmer today than I would like it to be but it looks like the wonderful fall weather that we were having will be back by the middle of the week and I can definitely handle that too.

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