Really tired out

I am really tired out tonight. Counseling was really good this morning but it took a lot out of me and that is agood and bad all at the very same time. We were dealing with feelings after a spouse dies and I think I really opened up more than I thought I did and I am emotionally wrung out tonight, but it is a good feeling instead of a bad feeling.
I don't know how much longer I will go, but right now it has been a good thing and as long as my insurance will pay for it, then why not? I really like my counselor and that is all part of it.
I am gearing up to leave a week from Monday and that will be fun too.


Woke up too early

I just don't understand this waking up too early. Last night was the second night in a row I had not used the Ambian to get to sleep and I guess it is just taking some time to really accomplish, but I guess my mistake was after getting up to go to the bathroom, I went to get a piece of cheese and maybe I hsould have just gone back to bed without going into the kitchen. I basically tossed and turned until 4:30 and ahve been up since. It is very frustrating and am sure i will be talking a nap this afternoon. I may take one this evening and then not take one tomorrow night so we will just have to wait and see.


Paperwork about complete

I just got great news. The permit from the Bahamian Department of Agriculture was faxed the my vet's office on Friday and now all we ahve to do is to go and get the International Health Certificate and I will do that on the 2nd. I cannot believe it is all coming together so nice and quickly. I am so excited and am ready to go, now all I ahve to do is pack.
It has been a good summer and the coundeling has given me real perspective on life and that is a great thing too. I am now praying what to do about church and think that since I have reliable transportation and am getting good Biblical teaching just to continue to go to First Pres. I realize I need to assert my own identity but I know the teaching I am receiving at First Pres is solid and I need that kind of solid teaching. I may never be totally comfortable there and may always feel a little out of place as a person in such a large church, but I know it is growing and know that families are being ministered to and that is the name of the game as far as I am concerned.
I am now kind of looking forward to the Enquirers class that will start the day after i get home from the Caribbean and that will be good too.


I hope it is cold in church today

I really hope that it is cold in church today. I just too Major out and the humidity is almost unbearable. I was so happy just to walk back in the house and we desperately need rain, but we also need a break from the humidity as well. I certainly hope it is not this bad in the Bahamas as well or we will be staying as close to the air conditioning as possible.
I am looking forward to a good day. Dr. Ferguson is back from his vacation but am still looking for my own church and not necessarily First Pres. I guess I am not Presbyterian enough so we will see.