A really quiet Sunday

It is a really quiet Sunday today. Sue and I are both really tired out and I know that it has come from the stress of the two week old school year. She has some kids that are really trying her patience and I guess that the stress of it all is pouring over to the house too. I think we are just going to have to not let it get to us and go from there. We had company this weekend, but Teressa had to leave early so it is really quiet here today and that is a good thing too.
We are still going to Sue's mom's for dinner tomorrow and that should be good too and I know that there will be plenty of leftovers to bring home and that never hurts my feelings.
I just talked to my mom and dad is not having as good of a day today, but that is the way that it goes with him too, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him too.
I was really happy this weekend because my beloved Gamecocks won big on Thursday night and my hate Clemson Tigers got embarrassed last night on national television. I personally think that they were grossly overrated and Alabama really humbled them and that made me really happy too.


A Major brag

I have to brag on Major. I justwent out to the mailbox to get the mail and took Major just on leash. I like taking him when I do things like this because the contrast on the driveway is terrible and you definitely need either the cane or the dog to work it without getting hurt. About the time I was getting to the end of the driveway, two cars whizzed past us and he stopped right on a dime like he was taught. I really love that too. We then crossed the street and turned up toward the mailbox. I then told him to find it and that is where he really shone. Southeeastern doesn't teach leash guiding, but I have taught him where the mailbox is and he will do it on or off leash. He took him right in front of it and then turned toward it and stopped allowing me to reach out and find it.
I really love his quiet confidence while working either in harness or on leash. He is really laid back and that was definitely what I was looking for in my guide dog. He is farily slow and soft, but that is what I was wanting and I got it and more.
I hope that we are together for quite a while and hopefully I will not need another one for at least 10 years. Thank you Major.

A little frustrated with my computer

I think that this says it all. I am a little frustrated with my computer this afternoon because it evidently is having a mind of its own today. I was trying to sign into my Google acount and it did not want to take my user name or keep the check box where I wanted it stay logged in on this computer. I guess that they have bad days and minds of their own at times. It is Friday and I am really happy aboutthat too. I am going to go and ride my bike here in a few minutes and maybe get in the shower after I get on the bike. It has been really quiet around here and that is a good thing too. Sue hopefully is having a better day than she has had lately. I hope that the student that was withdrawing, withdrew this mkorning and that the other two that she was having problems out of either did not come today or cooled their jets as well. I know that she is already ready for a vacation and she has only been teaching for two weeks now. I know that it is good that she has a much smaller class this year, but a couple of students are giving her a real run for her money right now and I know that can be really tiring as well.
I am hoping that she will have a really good weekend since our friend Teressa is coming up from Charleston as well, of course I plan to watch some NASCAR and as much football as I can get in too.
I think it will be a really good weekend and will be topped off by home made turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on Monday. I think that Sue is going to try her hand at making a homemade cheese cake as well. I know that it will not be sugar free, so if I have any on Monday, it will be a little piece. I think I have been ingesting too many carbohydrates and not enough protein lately and am diligently working on that too.
I also enjoyed the USC game last night. It was kind of boring and exasperating until the fourth quarter when our coach put in what should have been the starting quarterback and then things started rolling and that please me mightily, so we shall see what kind of season we end up having too.


AAnother stormy night

It was another really stormy night last night. It was the second night we had really tough thunderstorms. I know that we desperately need the rain, but can live without the really harsh thunder and vivid lightning that seeme like it was striking near the house.
I am hoping that we will get more rain tonight, but no thunder and lightning.
Dad did not have as good of a night last night and am hoping that he had a better day today. The home health person was supposed to have come after lunch and I have not heard yet how that went for them. I am really hoping that it went really well and that good things are coming out of this too.


A quiet day

It has been a nice and quiet day here. It was so stormy last night that it was quite a while before I was able to get on line again. We desperately needed the rain, but did not need the hard thunder and vivid lightning. I am so glad that Major is not phased by storms like this because Hickory would have either been under my legs or under Sue's legs. He was so afraid of loud noises and really felt sorry for him when it came to either thunder or fireworks. I know that the wreck that we were in about 8 years ago never helped that and he only got worse over time, but he is not in pain any more and is happy running across the Rainbow Bridge with his predecessor Pilot too.
Dad seems to be doing well today and was able to shave by himself this morning as well as has been sitting up most of the morning. I know that really tires him out, but it will help him get his strength back too. They are really fortunate because their church has a nurse on staff and that is a really neat ministry to have her and others in the congregation help out people like mom and dad as well, this is a really cool ministry and wish them real success with it.


A good day

It has been a really good day here. I found out earlier this morning that my dad was being released from the hospital and instead of keeping him in the rehab unit, they let him come home and will be using the home health rehab personnel. I know that he is much happier to already be home even though it has really tired him out, but I think that is normal.
Mom said that he was sleeping when I called and the home health person will give them a really good idea what they need in the house in the way of safety bars and other items that will help dad get around the house that much better and safer all at the very same time.
I know that it is really going to take time for him to get back to as normal as possible, but this is a good sign and the great thing is that he is beginning to get stronger every day that passes and that has really encouraged me and the rest of my family too.
This just goes to show that the power of prayer really works and you cannot deny it because of the amount of people that were praying for him especially over the last weekend when he was in such critical condition.


Dad better

We went to see my dad this afternoon and he is much better. He is being able to do more for himself and that makes me feel good. They have had him walking and sitting up as much as he can and that is a very good thing. It really tires him out, but that is to be expected as well. It looks like he will be going home somewhere around Tuesday and that is a good thing too and I know that he is really ready to get home too. They did some testing over the weekend afound that his blood platelets are about normal and that the infection is basically gone and that is definitely a good thing. It was pretty scary this time last week, but we are fortunate that all prayer worked and the antibiotics were the right ones to use as well.
We are just chilling out otherwise this afternoon and will be watching the closing ceremonies from the Olympics as well.I know that Sue is really tired and the last two weeks of really pushing to get ready for school have really gotten to her too. I am hoping that this will be a much better week and that some of her students will calm down a little too.


A Major story

I have a really funny story to tell on my dog. About 2:15 yesterday morning my house phone rang. After I answered it and all I heard was my voice echoing, I realized that something had really gone wrong. Evidently I had left my blue tooth device in the pockett of my shorts and Major had rolled over on to my shorts which I had thrown in the corner and had somehow turned the blue tooth on and then somehow pushed the button again and it called the house. It was not funny at the time since my dad has been in the hospital and been so sick, but later on we were able to laugh about it. I am really happy that I was the last number that I had called from my cell phone and last night I made sure that the blue tooth was no where near the bedroom and that I had deleted my entire call history for yesterday too.
It is amazing what these crazy animals can do if you let them.


A beautiful day

It is a beautiful day here today. It was raining about two hours ago when I took Major out to feed him and let him go potty. I know that many people would think me strange for saying that this is a beautiful day, but we have had so little rain this summer and we need it so badly. It was moderate rain so it went into the ground without running off so badly. We just need several days of good soaking rain and that will definitely help our deficit.
Dad is doing well this morning and he was enjoying a bath mom was giving him this morning too and they are still not sure if they are going to move him later on today too.


Nice and quiet here

It is nice and quiet here this morning. Sue has gone and I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. We are planning on going up to the hospital and seeing dad this afternoon and I will be calling mom this morning to get directions to the room. I am glad that he seems to be doing so much better and that is definitely a good thing.
They still have no idea when he will be going home because of the infection still in his system. It was really nasty and I personally think that the hospital should be held responsible considering how they handled him when they tried to catherize him. I think that some serious education in is order for the nursing staff on that floor too. I guess that this is how things are going in the industry right now and I really do not like what I am seeing there too.
I am getting ready to take care of Major and then I will be getting my morning coffee and then getting on the bike before getting ready to go and see dad.


Encouraging news

I got encouraging news on dad this afternoon. It seems that the infection is much better and his blood platelets are up significantly, even though they are still only about one half of where they need to be, but this is good news. He was able to walk down the hall and back to his room even though he was with the therapist, he did better than he expected to do and this is definitely goo dnad encouraging news.
It looks like the worst is behind him and for that we are really thankful too.

A better morning

It is a better morning. I went to bed really early last night and just died. I know that I was mentally and physically tired out and the stress from school is already getting to Sue and me if I am not careful too.
I am just sitting here and am going to start my morning with my usual coffee too shortly. I am hoping that thoday will be a much better day.


Needing to vent

I think that says it all. I just need to vent tonight. My mom mad ea "family deision" and I was not even consulted. It seems that my sister, her husband and the pastor of their church consist of my family. To say the very least I am hurt and do not appreciate this kind of a stunt. I don't know if they are really ashamed of the fact that I am blind and will not be pushed around by them or they just do not respect me too. I am sure that my two brothers that live out of town were not consulted too and am sure that they may not be really ahppy about this as well.
I am getting really tired of being brushed aside and am not calling tonight and may not call int he morning. Mom can call me if she wants to and I want to know how my dad is doing, but hthis has gotten beyond ridiculous and I just do not need the stress.
it has already been one stressful week with school starting and Sue already having a rough class to deal with too.c

An interesting morning

It is an interesting morning here. It has been quiet in hte house, but found out that our new area coordinator was working with one of the puppies that is being raised in our group and they were asked to leave a Food Lion grocery store. I think that is a shame and am in the process of contacting Food Lion to see if I can rectify this. I realize that in many states, the puppy raisers do not have the same rights as the handler like I am, but this is ridiculous and I guess he is just being a jerk. I know that this kind of socialization is really vital for the raising of a guide dog puppy and it helps make them a confident and competent dog in the long run.
My dad is progressing, I think. I have not been really able to talk to mom for more than just a minute or two at a time and it is getting rustrating. I think that dad is really tired because he is still so weak.
I am just hanging out and am going to fix a sandwich soon and then get on either the Recumbent bike or the rowing machine which I really do need to start using.


Dad getting better

I was reallyhappy to hear tonight that my dad is finally moving out of the intensive care unit. They are moving him to the cardiac floor because his heart rate is so erratic right now. I am really happy that they are doing this because they can really monitor things properly. He is nowhere near being out of danger even though he is better than what he was on Friday afternoon. I am still rather upset with the nursing staff that tried to catherize him and did not sterilize him correctly and ZI am realtively sure that is where the severe infection has come from too.

I know that they are going to continue his physical therapy as well and that will be good too and that will help his back continue to get better and stronger too.

A quiet day

It has been a pretty quiet day here even though the day started off earl;ier than I would ahve liked it too. Sue did not get to bed until around 1:30 because she was working on stuff for the opening day of school and the got back up at 5:15 so that she could leave here by 6:00. I never really went back to sleep and finally did sneak in a nap after I ate lunch because of that and the stress of the weekend with my dad, I was really whipped.
He is doing much better now and is waiting to get into a room and will be in the hospital for several more days, but the worst is behind us and that is the best news of all. I do know that he will be moving back to the orthopedic floor sometime this evening, but is still very much not out of the woods with this infection. Hie heart rate is very unstable and because fo the infection, his blood is extremely thin and with his heart problems, this is not good too, so we are still believing in the power of prayer too, but at least he will be moving to a room later on and I know that he and mom are really tired and he will get some better rest there too. The best thing is that he has been eating well and that is a good sign.


A little frustrated

I am just a little frustrated with my wife. It seems that even when she is not really tired, it takes her forever to get ready to go and do something. She is really taking her time etting moving this morning and I was already hoping to have been at the hospital. I really wish that she would lose some weight because that would help her so much and she wouldnot be as tired out as she alwasy seems to be. I kow that the state's insurcance still will not pay for the surgery, but I also know that you need to want to do it as well.
I am just frustrated and was hoping to be at the hospital already to see my brother before he leaves as well as my niece and her boyfriend as well.

A Major brag

I have to really brag on my boy Major. This week my dad has been in the hospital and every time we have been up there Major has been totally awesome, not only in his work, but while having to wait as well.
This weekend my dad developed a severe bladder infection with Ecoli bacteria stemming from the nursing staff trying to catherize him after surgery Tuesday night. I did not take him on Friday evening when we all rushed to the intensive care unit, but had him with me all day long yesterday and he was great. He just lies there and enjoyed getting all sorts of attention from my family while I was in the back with my dad as well as his work going into the hospital and then back out was outstanding. I could tell he was ready to leave because we just flew past Sue going down the hall to the elevator and then across the crosswalk out to the truck as well. He is going to stay home today because we are not going to be there all afternoon. Sue has to finish up some stuff for school and I am sure that we will stop by the store and get some milk and a few other things that we need as well andd I have a race to watch this afternoon as well.


Really good news

We got some really good news this morning. My dad is being released from the hospital and he is happy. It has not been the greatest experience for him, even though they did nothave the problems with his gluten free diet this time like they did in early June. I am glad to hear that he was feeling better and that makes me feel really good because with all of the stuff with the spinal stenosis and the Parkinsons and even some of his heart issues, it has been a really tough year for him.
They are waiting for the home rehab to be set up as well as they are waiting on dad to be able to use the bathroom by himself since they just took the catheter out too.
I am sure that he will be home by the afternoon and hopefully will get some rest in his own bed.


A great outing

Major and I had a great outing this afternoon. We went to see my dad in the hospital and since Sue did not feel like doing the walking that we had to do, she stayed in the truck and I took my mom her supper that we had bought her. Sue parked with the back of the truck in front of the crosswalk to go into the hospital and after telling Major to find the door and then encouraging him to find it, we were headed across the crosswalk before I knew it. He id d agreat job and was askingwhere the elevator was that I needed to find when my sister walked up behind me and that was great and it even helped when she walked down with me since I am not really that familiar with Baptist Hospital here in Columbia.
The more I work Major, the more I really enjoy his laid back confident pace and the confidence that he exudes makes me feel that much more confident and I can easily assert my independence when it is needed as well.

A beautiful day

It is a beautiful day. I know that some people would think it really strange for me to say that about rain. We have needed it so desperately for so long that an all day rain affair is beautiful. I know that it makes going out in it messy, but that is ok too. Dad had a pretty rough night last night, but seems to be doing better this morning as well. I am really thankful for that and we will more than likely be going to see him later on this afternoon. I know that his blood pressure is still higher than we would like to see it, but I am sure that since he had a bit of trauma last night, he will be getting better soon. I know that he will be getting up later on this morning and that will be good for him too.
It is nice and quiet here and I really like that too because the morning started out with the normal drama from Sue and I hope that this will not keep going on for the rest of the school year, or we may have to say something and that would not be pretty too.


A really long day

It has been a really long day. I spent the afternoon at the hospital because my dad was having back surgery this afternoon. The surgery went really well, but it was a late afternoon surgery and we are all really tired tonight. Major was awesome in his work and I got many really nice comments on how nice he looked and what a great guide he was. I had two different people walk out in front of us back to back and he just stopped on a dime as well as he worked around all of the obstacles that were there too.
I am glad that he does his job so well, but he like the rest of us were really ready tocome home too and now he is snoring in the bedroom in his spot. I think I am just about ready to joinhim too and am sure that we will be going back up to see dad tomorrow or Wednesday.

A really quiet morning

It is a really quiet morning here. I am drinking my usual pot of coffee and just getting started. It is nice to finally have the house all to myself and that is just the way that I like ti too.
Sue has her convocation this morning and then will have the rest of the day to work in her room as well as the next two days. It will be interesting to see what kind of kids she will get this year too.


A good day

My wife Sue finally had a good day in spite of it being the first day back to school. She found out that they hired a new kindergarten teacher and that now gives them three five year old classes and she is really happy about that too. It will cut the class size down to about 15 a piece and that is better than what she had last year, when she has 27. It is really hard to get anything done with that many people in a class like that and fortunately it looks like she will have the same assistant that she has had for the past four years as well. This is really good because she and Cynthia really get along well and they have made a great eam too.
I will be going with her on Wednesday to help her move furniture and set up her room and all she has to do is to feed me and I am hers.