Dad better

We went to see my dad this afternoon and he is much better. He is being able to do more for himself and that makes me feel good. They have had him walking and sitting up as much as he can and that is a very good thing. It really tires him out, but that is to be expected as well. It looks like he will be going home somewhere around Tuesday and that is a good thing too and I know that he is really ready to get home too. They did some testing over the weekend afound that his blood platelets are about normal and that the infection is basically gone and that is definitely a good thing. It was pretty scary this time last week, but we are fortunate that all prayer worked and the antibiotics were the right ones to use as well.
We are just chilling out otherwise this afternoon and will be watching the closing ceremonies from the Olympics as well.I know that Sue is really tired and the last two weeks of really pushing to get ready for school have really gotten to her too. I am hoping that this will be a much better week and that some of her students will calm down a little too.

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