A quiet day

It has been a nice and quiet day here. It was so stormy last night that it was quite a while before I was able to get on line again. We desperately needed the rain, but did not need the hard thunder and vivid lightning. I am so glad that Major is not phased by storms like this because Hickory would have either been under my legs or under Sue's legs. He was so afraid of loud noises and really felt sorry for him when it came to either thunder or fireworks. I know that the wreck that we were in about 8 years ago never helped that and he only got worse over time, but he is not in pain any more and is happy running across the Rainbow Bridge with his predecessor Pilot too.
Dad seems to be doing well today and was able to shave by himself this morning as well as has been sitting up most of the morning. I know that really tires him out, but it will help him get his strength back too. They are really fortunate because their church has a nurse on staff and that is a really neat ministry to have her and others in the congregation help out people like mom and dad as well, this is a really cool ministry and wish them real success with it.

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Gina said...

I am glad your dad is getting better.
And I totally understand about thunder storms and firworks, we have a hound dog and he gets so upset, he will get on top of our heads if it is late and we have already gone to bed.

Sure hope your dad continues to improve.