A good day

It has been a really good day here. I found out earlier this morning that my dad was being released from the hospital and instead of keeping him in the rehab unit, they let him come home and will be using the home health rehab personnel. I know that he is much happier to already be home even though it has really tired him out, but I think that is normal.
Mom said that he was sleeping when I called and the home health person will give them a really good idea what they need in the house in the way of safety bars and other items that will help dad get around the house that much better and safer all at the very same time.
I know that it is really going to take time for him to get back to as normal as possible, but this is a good sign and the great thing is that he is beginning to get stronger every day that passes and that has really encouraged me and the rest of my family too.
This just goes to show that the power of prayer really works and you cannot deny it because of the amount of people that were praying for him especially over the last weekend when he was in such critical condition.

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