A quiet day

It has been a pretty quiet day here even though the day started off earl;ier than I would ahve liked it too. Sue did not get to bed until around 1:30 because she was working on stuff for the opening day of school and the got back up at 5:15 so that she could leave here by 6:00. I never really went back to sleep and finally did sneak in a nap after I ate lunch because of that and the stress of the weekend with my dad, I was really whipped.
He is doing much better now and is waiting to get into a room and will be in the hospital for several more days, but the worst is behind us and that is the best news of all. I do know that he will be moving back to the orthopedic floor sometime this evening, but is still very much not out of the woods with this infection. Hie heart rate is very unstable and because fo the infection, his blood is extremely thin and with his heart problems, this is not good too, so we are still believing in the power of prayer too, but at least he will be moving to a room later on and I know that he and mom are really tired and he will get some better rest there too. The best thing is that he has been eating well and that is a good sign.

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