Needing to vent

I think that says it all. I just need to vent tonight. My mom mad ea "family deision" and I was not even consulted. It seems that my sister, her husband and the pastor of their church consist of my family. To say the very least I am hurt and do not appreciate this kind of a stunt. I don't know if they are really ashamed of the fact that I am blind and will not be pushed around by them or they just do not respect me too. I am sure that my two brothers that live out of town were not consulted too and am sure that they may not be really ahppy about this as well.
I am getting really tired of being brushed aside and am not calling tonight and may not call int he morning. Mom can call me if she wants to and I want to know how my dad is doing, but hthis has gotten beyond ridiculous and I just do not need the stress.
it has already been one stressful week with school starting and Sue already having a rough class to deal with too.c

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