A beautiful day

It is a beautiful day. I know that some people would think it really strange for me to say that about rain. We have needed it so desperately for so long that an all day rain affair is beautiful. I know that it makes going out in it messy, but that is ok too. Dad had a pretty rough night last night, but seems to be doing better this morning as well. I am really thankful for that and we will more than likely be going to see him later on this afternoon. I know that his blood pressure is still higher than we would like to see it, but I am sure that since he had a bit of trauma last night, he will be getting better soon. I know that he will be getting up later on this morning and that will be good for him too.
It is nice and quiet here and I really like that too because the morning started out with the normal drama from Sue and I hope that this will not keep going on for the rest of the school year, or we may have to say something and that would not be pretty too.

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