A good day

My wife Sue finally had a good day in spite of it being the first day back to school. She found out that they hired a new kindergarten teacher and that now gives them three five year old classes and she is really happy about that too. It will cut the class size down to about 15 a piece and that is better than what she had last year, when she has 27. It is really hard to get anything done with that many people in a class like that and fortunately it looks like she will have the same assistant that she has had for the past four years as well. This is really good because she and Cynthia really get along well and they have made a great eam too.
I will be going with her on Wednesday to help her move furniture and set up her room and all she has to do is to feed me and I am hers.


Gina said...

Good job!!!! You will find that you blog about all kinds of things.
Glad you joined the fun.

majors house said...

I am really enjoying it and it is different than other blogs I have used, but think I will enjoy this one too.