A Major story

I have a really funny story to tell on my dog. About 2:15 yesterday morning my house phone rang. After I answered it and all I heard was my voice echoing, I realized that something had really gone wrong. Evidently I had left my blue tooth device in the pockett of my shorts and Major had rolled over on to my shorts which I had thrown in the corner and had somehow turned the blue tooth on and then somehow pushed the button again and it called the house. It was not funny at the time since my dad has been in the hospital and been so sick, but later on we were able to laugh about it. I am really happy that I was the last number that I had called from my cell phone and last night I made sure that the blue tooth was no where near the bedroom and that I had deleted my entire call history for yesterday too.
It is amazing what these crazy animals can do if you let them.

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