An interesting morning

It is an interesting morning here. It has been quiet in hte house, but found out that our new area coordinator was working with one of the puppies that is being raised in our group and they were asked to leave a Food Lion grocery store. I think that is a shame and am in the process of contacting Food Lion to see if I can rectify this. I realize that in many states, the puppy raisers do not have the same rights as the handler like I am, but this is ridiculous and I guess he is just being a jerk. I know that this kind of socialization is really vital for the raising of a guide dog puppy and it helps make them a confident and competent dog in the long run.
My dad is progressing, I think. I have not been really able to talk to mom for more than just a minute or two at a time and it is getting rustrating. I think that dad is really tired because he is still so weak.
I am just hanging out and am going to fix a sandwich soon and then get on either the Recumbent bike or the rowing machine which I really do need to start using.

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