tired of the ads

I am so sick of seeing Valentine's Day advertisements that I could literally scream. I guess it is really getting to me because I had so much fun sending Sue the floral arrangment I sent her last year. It wastruly fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but she is not here for me to deliver the goods and I just want this one stupid money making holiday to just go away.
I would love to be dating someone right now but just have not seen anyone I want to date let alone spend the rest of my life with too and I am definitely praying that that will happen soon.


A great start to the morning

I have been playing with my bike riding to really tweak my exercise routine and this morning had the longest ride I have taken in some time. My younger brother who cycles all of the time challenged me to start with a light tension and work my way up to a little tension but something comfortable that I could keep a constant speed and then bring the tension back down and went 40 minutes this morning. This is the longest I have ridden in some time and it feels great. I am really trying to tone up and figured at 40 minutes I rode approximately 15 miles and the only downside is that butt feels a little numb, but am sure that feeling will subside soon enough.
I may try getting back on the treadmill at a really slow speed in the morning just to keep my legs limber but need to be careful since I have a degenerating disc in my lower back that seems to be pinching a nerve. I have a problem walking and or standing for long periods of time because my right foot and leg get numb.
It is Monday and now I feel great and after cooling down some, it will be time to jump in the shower so I won't stink the rest of the day.