Bored today

For some odd reason I seem bored today. I got up, drank coffe and even exercised; but seem blah feeling and cannot necessarily understand why that is. Last night was so much fun at church and really wished that I had had someone that I could have shared it with and maybe that is where my head is this morning. I ahve been praying that God send me a wife to let me continue sharing my life with. I know that I will never have another Sue and I really do not want another Sue, but someone that will love me for who I am and one that loves Christ and lvoes life as well.
Nothing much on tap for the day and that might be good and will be getting laundry done tomorrow so I can pack on Monday so we can go to the mountains. I was really hoping to wait and do laundry on Monday and may still do it.
I will just hang out and watch NASCAR all weekend.


Felling blah tonight

I am just feeling kind of blah tonight and I am not sure why. It has been one month since daddy died and that might be part of it. It seems overly quiet here in the house and actually very lonely in the house tonight. Seeing mom hurt makes me miss my sweet Sue that much more and sometimes like mom, I almost cannot sand it. I am so fortunate to have such great firends and family that have kept me going and am so thankful that I am in the church that I am in right now because I am getting the spiritual meat from the Word that i ahve been craving for so long now. I guess I am having my own little pity party and in some ways I just need to get over it but it is really hard to do some days as well.