Bored today

For some odd reason I seem bored today. I got up, drank coffe and even exercised; but seem blah feeling and cannot necessarily understand why that is. Last night was so much fun at church and really wished that I had had someone that I could have shared it with and maybe that is where my head is this morning. I ahve been praying that God send me a wife to let me continue sharing my life with. I know that I will never have another Sue and I really do not want another Sue, but someone that will love me for who I am and one that loves Christ and lvoes life as well.
Nothing much on tap for the day and that might be good and will be getting laundry done tomorrow so I can pack on Monday so we can go to the mountains. I was really hoping to wait and do laundry on Monday and may still do it.
I will just hang out and watch NASCAR all weekend.