Just not feeling good

I am just not feeling good still this morning. I think I have another upper respiratory infection or bronchitis. It is acting the very same way that it did the week that Sue died. I don't know if it was the stress of the mission catching up with me from last weekend, but I have not really felt good since Thursday and I did call the doctor's office to see if they would call something in for me, but nothing has been called in yet. I am just waiting on them and this cough I have is driving me nuts, and a good antibiotic would definitely help and I know that was what it took back in March to get rid of it all.
I am hanging in there otherwise and have nothing planned for today because I feel so darn lousy. I know that I need to be on my bike, but with this cough, I really do not think it is a good idea.


something really special

Something really specialhappened this evening. I found out that there were two pictures of us at the downtown library with the puppy group and one even in cluded Sue in it and I a so pleased to get it. Of course Major is center stage and that is a great thing to becauwe that is what everyone came to see besides the cute puppies that we had as wwell.
It is really nice when people think of me in this way and are concerned what I think about Sue being in the pictures and i feel great about her being in the pictures because she was definitely a huge part of my life and the puppy program as well.


A hard weekend

It was a hard weekend going to the Lay Witness Mission this past weekend. I knew that it was going to be emotionally difficult, but I was not prepared for how hard it really was. I guess in many ways it was cathartic and even somewhat theraputic, but I still was not prepared for it.
It was hard but I made it by the sheer grace of Godand now know that I can make it through another one, but looks like we won't be having anymore for a while too.
I am glad I went and it was great working with and hanging out with my buddy Tiffany and the kids were really responsive which is not the norm, but that is ok too.
I really enjoyed the church and the host couple I stayed with could not have been nicer. I know that it has to be ahrd for a family to welcome strangers that they don't even know and even harder to welcome one in who has to ahve the dog with him everywhere he goes as well.
It turned out as well as it could have and now I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight.


Trying to make a decision

I am trying to make a hard decision. I have some money left over from the life insurance and am trying to decide to spend it or not on paying the trailer off. I know that I more than likely need to wait until I get something from the probate court about how much I am going to owe them for the estate and then make a decision. I could pay the thing off and then sell it to Toby or just let him pay to have it deeded over into his name. I know that the cd I currently have is about to mature and the rate on it is bottoming out too and that really saddens me too.
It will be interesting to see what the correct thing to do is.


Still sleeping

I am still sleeping thanks to the Ambian that Dr. Lobel gave me. I will be going back to see him in the morning and I need to check to make sure that prescription has refills on it as well. I am glad that I am finally sleeping again and think that has definitely made the difference in how I feel. I was really miserable and the anti-depressants only made me really hungry and I definitely did not need that too.
I was really dreading going on the Lay Witness Mission nest week and still feel really intimidated working with the the youth by myself without Sue, but God will be with us and we will get through it somehow.