A hard weekend

It was a hard weekend going to the Lay Witness Mission this past weekend. I knew that it was going to be emotionally difficult, but I was not prepared for how hard it really was. I guess in many ways it was cathartic and even somewhat theraputic, but I still was not prepared for it.
It was hard but I made it by the sheer grace of Godand now know that I can make it through another one, but looks like we won't be having anymore for a while too.
I am glad I went and it was great working with and hanging out with my buddy Tiffany and the kids were really responsive which is not the norm, but that is ok too.
I really enjoyed the church and the host couple I stayed with could not have been nicer. I know that it has to be ahrd for a family to welcome strangers that they don't even know and even harder to welcome one in who has to ahve the dog with him everywhere he goes as well.
It turned out as well as it could have and now I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight.

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