It is over

The estate is finally over and settled. I went to the lawyer's office this morninga nd signed the rest of the paperwork that had to be signed and I am happy it is done. I feel like a great weight has been taken off of my shoulders and now I can get on with my life.
I hated having to do it, but am happy that is over and done with. I thought about ordering pizza or pasta to celebrate tonight, but waited too late so we will take care of that later on this week and will more than likely wait unti Friday which is my normal pizza night.


Really excited

I am so excited, and ahve not been this excited since I ooked my cruise in October. I called Carnival this afternoon and finished paying for my cruise and everything is now set for Major and I to sail from Charleston in September. I think it is going to be something great and cannot wait especially since 2009 was such a bad year and never really took a vacation.
My only real regret is that Sue cannot be here to enjoy it with me and am still looking for someone to date as well and I know that she would really want me to be happy too.


Tired of the whining

I am sick and tired of the whining I am seeing from many of the blind people on one of the lists that I am on. I swear it seems like the world has to revolve around them ajnd I am so damn sick of the bitching and whining I could literally scream and wish that these idiots would just get a life.


Finally getting it done

I am finally getting the doors on my house taken care of. My nephew Max took me to Lowe's today and I picked out sliding glass doors as well as a new back door for the utility room as well as the front storm door. They will get someone to come out and measure to make sure my measurements were totally correct and to also make sure I don't need anything additional when they go to install them and hopefully in about two weeks or less, I will have the new doors here on the house and I am also hoping that this will insulate these areas a little better too and that will help my furnace be more efficient and my power bill not to be as bad too.
I am glad mom suggested that while we were out to go ahead and go by Lowe's and look and I am really happy that I did because I really like what I picked out and Max did a great job of helping me pikc the doors out too.
I will be going out to mom and dad's tomorrow after church and that should be good too.


Really frustrated this morning

I think that this titlE says ti all. I am really frustrated with someone that I thought I was really true friends with and helped when no one else would, but for some odd reason this person chooses not to communicate and that has really hurt my feelings. I just do not understand people anymore and especially people that are supposed to be christians. The church is full of these people and I am sick of the shoving the church down my throat to the point where I want nothing to do with church. I know that this is a really bad attitude, but it is the way that I feel right now. The church that I am attending is absolutely dead and the pastor seems to want nothing to do about it and am getting tired of going to a little soical club, I could do just as well sitting at home watching ESPN. I guess I am just frustrated and thought that I could depend on this friend to take me to the store as well and now have to find someone else, what a real pain this has become.