Finally getting it done

I am finally getting the doors on my house taken care of. My nephew Max took me to Lowe's today and I picked out sliding glass doors as well as a new back door for the utility room as well as the front storm door. They will get someone to come out and measure to make sure my measurements were totally correct and to also make sure I don't need anything additional when they go to install them and hopefully in about two weeks or less, I will have the new doors here on the house and I am also hoping that this will insulate these areas a little better too and that will help my furnace be more efficient and my power bill not to be as bad too.
I am glad mom suggested that while we were out to go ahead and go by Lowe's and look and I am really happy that I did because I really like what I picked out and Max did a great job of helping me pikc the doors out too.
I will be going out to mom and dad's tomorrow after church and that should be good too.