Really frustrated this morning

I think that this titlE says ti all. I am really frustrated with someone that I thought I was really true friends with and helped when no one else would, but for some odd reason this person chooses not to communicate and that has really hurt my feelings. I just do not understand people anymore and especially people that are supposed to be christians. The church is full of these people and I am sick of the shoving the church down my throat to the point where I want nothing to do with church. I know that this is a really bad attitude, but it is the way that I feel right now. The church that I am attending is absolutely dead and the pastor seems to want nothing to do about it and am getting tired of going to a little soical club, I could do just as well sitting at home watching ESPN. I guess I am just frustrated and thought that I could depend on this friend to take me to the store as well and now have to find someone else, what a real pain this has become.

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