A blah day

It has been kind of a blah day today. I really don't know why because I have been getting a lot of sleep. I think one of the things that has messed me up was the fact that I did not get the right kind of protein at my mid-morning snack and that messed me up as well as lunch sucked. I had something different than what i thought it was going to be, but supper is going to be great, rotissery chicken and mashed potatoes.
I will be going back to see the doctor on Thrusday and we will definitely see if going off of the anti-depressants has helped my blood pressure too.


Struggling with a decision

I am really struggling with a decision. I am supposed to be going on a Lay Witness Mission the day after what would have been Sue's birthday. In one sense I really want to go because I love the missions but on the other hand, that will be the first time I have dealth with her birthday and really would just as soon not have to be happy with people and just as soon would rather stay home and hide. I know that serving God is a need and want in my life, but I am really dreading this mission and really don't know what I should do. I am desperately praying for the right answer and I know that God will answer me, I just feel really dreadful and intimidated because Sue had done all of the work and I was the support for her. I really loved doing it too.


Thank God for Ambian

All I ahve to say is thank God for Ambian. That has helped me sleep more than anything else lately. It is really nice to be able to get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night and that is the only thing that has made the difference. I ahve noticed that the anti-depressant has made me really hungry and I know I have gained some weight because of it and until I hear otherwise, I am steering clear of it. I am planning on calling the doctor's office in the morning and talking to the nurse about it as well.
I feel so much better now and really know that is because I ahve been sleeping regularly.


Beginning to finally sleep

I am finally beginning to sleep through the night. I have been taking my new anti-depressant and using the remaining Ambian that I was prescribed after Sue died to help me sleep and trust me, it has been knocking me out and that is a good thing. I ahve been getting between six and seven hours of good sleep a night and that is a good thing right now.
I get up a little sleepy, but that is ok too and seem to have had a little more energy lately and for me, that is a good thing too.


Sleeping a little better

I have slept a little better the past three nights. I guess it is because i have taken the Ambian that Dr. Lobel prescribed after Sue died and it did not seem to help for a while and then I have just started using it again. It is nice to be able to sleep through the night without waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. The only down side is that it seems to take me forever to wake up.


Beginning to sleep better

I think I am finally beginning to sleep a little better and really think that it was the Prozac. I have takent he remaining Ambian for the last two nights and ahve gotten between seven and eight hours of sleep and that was good.
I will start a different med on Monday and we will see how well it works and then if I need something else, I will call the doctor and see about him calling something in for me.
I have got to start getting some sleep because it has definitely effected my eating as well as my blood pressure has royally shot upand that is definitely not a good thing when everything was under such control, so we will see and I know that not sleeping well or even geting enough sleep will effect both of them and am working diligently about getting my appetite back under control too.


Really frustrated

I am really frustrated with the Prozac. I have tried taking it at night and I am seeing the same results I saw with taking it in the morning and I would rather not take anything than to have to only get four hours of sleep a night. The last few nights between taking Tylenol PM and not taking anything including the Prozac, I was sleeping around seven hours and was feeling good and now after only getting four hours of sleep last night, I feel really rung out and hate this feeling. I am glad i am going back to the doctor on Thursday and we will just see where we go from here, either with taking nothing at all or taking something totally different. I am really happy that Emily persuaded me to make sure I was blogging my journey with the anti-depressant and I can openly and honestly talk with the doctor after being on it for the past month.
I feel good other than feeling really strung out from not sleeping like I need to and I can also tell that it is effecting my eating as well.


A better couple of nights

I have had a better couple of nights. I did wake up before 5:00 with my sinuses on fire and took three Tylenol and then went back to bed and was able to go back to sleep and then did not want to get up. Either taking the Prozac at night is helping or I am just really tired out and needed the sleep as well.
Today is going to be busy and that is great. We have our back to school bash with church this morning and then church tonight, and then tomorrow will be spent at mom and dad's because it is my birthday.