Really frustrated

I am really frustrated with the Prozac. I have tried taking it at night and I am seeing the same results I saw with taking it in the morning and I would rather not take anything than to have to only get four hours of sleep a night. The last few nights between taking Tylenol PM and not taking anything including the Prozac, I was sleeping around seven hours and was feeling good and now after only getting four hours of sleep last night, I feel really rung out and hate this feeling. I am glad i am going back to the doctor on Thursday and we will just see where we go from here, either with taking nothing at all or taking something totally different. I am really happy that Emily persuaded me to make sure I was blogging my journey with the anti-depressant and I can openly and honestly talk with the doctor after being on it for the past month.
I feel good other than feeling really strung out from not sleeping like I need to and I can also tell that it is effecting my eating as well.

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