Nice and quiet here

It is nice and quiet here this morning. Sue has gone and I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. We are planning on going up to the hospital and seeing dad this afternoon and I will be calling mom this morning to get directions to the room. I am glad that he seems to be doing so much better and that is definitely a good thing.
They still have no idea when he will be going home because of the infection still in his system. It was really nasty and I personally think that the hospital should be held responsible considering how they handled him when they tried to catherize him. I think that some serious education in is order for the nursing staff on that floor too. I guess that this is how things are going in the industry right now and I really do not like what I am seeing there too.
I am getting ready to take care of Major and then I will be getting my morning coffee and then getting on the bike before getting ready to go and see dad.

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