A little frustrated with my computer

I think that this says it all. I am a little frustrated with my computer this afternoon because it evidently is having a mind of its own today. I was trying to sign into my Google acount and it did not want to take my user name or keep the check box where I wanted it stay logged in on this computer. I guess that they have bad days and minds of their own at times. It is Friday and I am really happy aboutthat too. I am going to go and ride my bike here in a few minutes and maybe get in the shower after I get on the bike. It has been really quiet around here and that is a good thing too. Sue hopefully is having a better day than she has had lately. I hope that the student that was withdrawing, withdrew this mkorning and that the other two that she was having problems out of either did not come today or cooled their jets as well. I know that she is already ready for a vacation and she has only been teaching for two weeks now. I know that it is good that she has a much smaller class this year, but a couple of students are giving her a real run for her money right now and I know that can be really tiring as well.
I am hoping that she will have a really good weekend since our friend Teressa is coming up from Charleston as well, of course I plan to watch some NASCAR and as much football as I can get in too.
I think it will be a really good weekend and will be topped off by home made turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on Monday. I think that Sue is going to try her hand at making a homemade cheese cake as well. I know that it will not be sugar free, so if I have any on Monday, it will be a little piece. I think I have been ingesting too many carbohydrates and not enough protein lately and am diligently working on that too.
I also enjoyed the USC game last night. It was kind of boring and exasperating until the fourth quarter when our coach put in what should have been the starting quarterback and then things started rolling and that please me mightily, so we shall see what kind of season we end up having too.

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