A great outing

Major and I had a great outing this afternoon. We went to see my dad in the hospital and since Sue did not feel like doing the walking that we had to do, she stayed in the truck and I took my mom her supper that we had bought her. Sue parked with the back of the truck in front of the crosswalk to go into the hospital and after telling Major to find the door and then encouraging him to find it, we were headed across the crosswalk before I knew it. He id d agreat job and was askingwhere the elevator was that I needed to find when my sister walked up behind me and that was great and it even helped when she walked down with me since I am not really that familiar with Baptist Hospital here in Columbia.
The more I work Major, the more I really enjoy his laid back confident pace and the confidence that he exudes makes me feel that much more confident and I can easily assert my independence when it is needed as well.

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