A Major brag

I have to really brag on my boy Major. This week my dad has been in the hospital and every time we have been up there Major has been totally awesome, not only in his work, but while having to wait as well.
This weekend my dad developed a severe bladder infection with Ecoli bacteria stemming from the nursing staff trying to catherize him after surgery Tuesday night. I did not take him on Friday evening when we all rushed to the intensive care unit, but had him with me all day long yesterday and he was great. He just lies there and enjoyed getting all sorts of attention from my family while I was in the back with my dad as well as his work going into the hospital and then back out was outstanding. I could tell he was ready to leave because we just flew past Sue going down the hall to the elevator and then across the crosswalk out to the truck as well. He is going to stay home today because we are not going to be there all afternoon. Sue has to finish up some stuff for school and I am sure that we will stop by the store and get some milk and a few other things that we need as well andd I have a race to watch this afternoon as well.

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