Paperwork about complete

I just got great news. The permit from the Bahamian Department of Agriculture was faxed the my vet's office on Friday and now all we ahve to do is to go and get the International Health Certificate and I will do that on the 2nd. I cannot believe it is all coming together so nice and quickly. I am so excited and am ready to go, now all I ahve to do is pack.
It has been a good summer and the coundeling has given me real perspective on life and that is a great thing too. I am now praying what to do about church and think that since I have reliable transportation and am getting good Biblical teaching just to continue to go to First Pres. I realize I need to assert my own identity but I know the teaching I am receiving at First Pres is solid and I need that kind of solid teaching. I may never be totally comfortable there and may always feel a little out of place as a person in such a large church, but I know it is growing and know that families are being ministered to and that is the name of the game as far as I am concerned.
I am now kind of looking forward to the Enquirers class that will start the day after i get home from the Caribbean and that will be good too.