Really sore

I think that the subject line says it all tonight. I am really sore. My tail bone really hurts tonight and I have taken some Excedrin back and body to see if that will take the edge off of it before I go to bed. I definitely got on the bike today and it felt good to bump up the tension level back to where I had been riding it too, and maybe that did not help, but I have to get back into the groove of exercising too. I really missed the week that I had to take off because I was sick and now I am having to work back up to where I was before I got sick.
I think I definitely need to go and just get on it earlier than I have been and that way I will be in the mood to ride it five days a week. I like the tension level where it is because it gives me just enough of a workout and then easy enough to be enjoyable as well.
I am really hoping my tail bone feels much better in the morning too.

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