What a busy morning

I think that says it all. It has been a rather busy morning for me and that is a good thing. I moved the base for our new cordless phone system from the bedroom to the office because were having real difficulty with the handset in the den. I have a feeling that it had to do with the wiring in the back wall of the house and now since I went trhough the trouble to move it, the phone in the den sounds great. I think that was all that it needed and I am happy that I was able to get it done.
I really hope that Sue is having a good day today since her one student is in in school suspension and I know that she had a pretty good day yesterday as well as more participation from her parents last night buy coming out and meeting her. It is really unusual for her to have more than one parent, but this time she had nearly half of her parents come out and that is a really good thing because there were some that she really needed to talk to and was able to accomplish that too.

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