Major and peanut butter

Major loves peanut butter. I would have never known that if he had not gotten into a jar of peanut butter that Sue had in a bag that was unopened. I was in the bathroom and the cell phone rang and while there I thought he was in the bedroom, but little did I know that he was in the den helping himself to a jar. He chewed the lid off and then proceeded to eat as much as he could get with that long nose and tongue of his. Needless to say that when Sue got home last night, she found it and was not happy with him at all. The funny thing was that it was not the Aldi's brand, it was the reduced fat Peter Pan, the really good stuff, so he has expensive taste in peanut butter.
Needless to say, he was in the dog house for that one and I put him on leash for the rest of the evening, because he did not want to listen to mee at all. He has definitely been much better today because I am learning that with Major, I ahve to use different tactics than with the other two dogs that I ahve had. I realize that it is all a learning process just like life, but he is a sweet dog and I would not have it any other way.

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