A frustrating morning

I think that this title says it all. This morning started with a bang. I guess I should have just gone back to bed after trying to prepare breakfast. It started with my otameal cooking over in the microwave and then after getting all of that cleaned up, Major was trying to eat garbage out of the garbage can in the kitchen that I had accidently left open. I really had to get onto him because it was like when I told him no, he was not even hearing me, then he did not want to listen when I called him to come into the house.
At least going down to take the garbage went well, but when I came back in the house, I tripped over a box and fell on my butt. I think I may have bruised my tailbone and maybe my pride as well, but at least the coffee turned out well and hopefully Sue is having a better day than she did yesterday with her kids too. I really felt sorry for her this morning because the stress of at least of one the kids is really tiring her out and today of all days is her birthday and to have to work on your birthday is not really fair, even though I ahve had to do that myself a few times too.
I just hope that the rest of the day goes better and hopefully my cold will be better too.

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