A rough night

It was a really rough night for me last night. For the past week I have been wondering if my gall bladder is going south on me. We went over to Sue's mom's for pot roast and vegetables for supper last night and after eating my portion of roast and a few carrots, I got sick. Usually if I have eaten something too fast, I feel it in my throat, but lately it has been in my gut and it was on fire. I ended up throwing everything I had eaten for supper up and then tried eating some of the wilted lettuce and the potato I had not eaten and that made things even worse, but I was still hungry. I waited until we got home and threw up some more and then had a couple of ice cream sandwiches and they made me sick, so I waited a little while and then tried eating a bag of soy chips and then they made me throw up too. I had taken Tums, Pepto-Bismol and even Maalox and I ended up throwing all of that stuff up too. Needless to say Sue was quite worried about me and I have scheduled a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. Unfortunately our doctor is on vacation and will not be back until Monday, but this cannot wait so I am going to see the nurse practitioner this afternoon and see if I can get them to refer me for a gall bladder ultrasound. I think that is the only thing that is going to rule this out and if it looks like it is going bad, then I will get with the surgeon's office and schedule surgery. I think that this kind of surgery is outpatient now and that is definitely a good thing too.The last time I was in the hospital was for my gastric bypass surgery and that was not the most pleasant experience I have ever had too, so if I can get away with having outpatient surgery, that will be the thing to do.

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