A long week

It has been kind of a long week. I was finally happy to get the results of my ultrasound and am now waiting somewhat inpatiently on the doctor's office to get off of their butts and get me an appointment with the surgeon. I would like to go ahead and get this taken care of before the holidays so that I will be able to enjoy them with my family as well. Sue had a long week and we are just relaxing right now. It has just been a long year for her adn we desperately need to get out of town for a few days and right now are planning on escaping to the mountains in two weeks if I don't have to have surgery before. We have only been up there once this year and that was with her mom back in March and we have not been able to get there by ourselves and that is what we want to do and have no interruptions and no visitors while we are there. I really love going up there because it is so peaceful and private and we just go to get away from it all.
I know that my parents go and come all the time while they are there, but we take our own food and only eat out a couple of times and that is usuallygoing up and coming home and sometimes even get tot he bakery in Brevard for fresh bread and cookies. I love the pastries there too, but cannot eat too many of them especially because of the sugar content, but it is good stuff. I can remember our honeymoon up there where we spent nearly 100.00 that week and let me tell you, it was definitely worth all of the money we spent int hat place.
I think we are just going to cool out this weekend and try to get a few things done in the house and I am definitely going to be watching football and see if my beloved Gamecocks can get business taken care of in Kentucky.

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