A little frustrated

I am getting just a little frustrated with friends that are forwarding me stuff that they don't even check out as a urban legend or hoax. One such example was a I got an email last night telling me to not take the new dollar coins because they had left out IN God We Trust, but after going to snopes.com, I found out that this was a hoax and I get annoyed at these "well meaning People" that send this stuff out. I do forward things, but have learned to check them out if something just doesn't seem right. I am also sick of the crap that I amg etting in my in box from my friends that are bashing candidate Obama. I am not saying that I totally agree with everything that he stands for, but the continual bashing by "Christians" is really leaving me lacking and it would not want me to become one with these kinds of attitudes and it makes me not want to vote for a single Republican and the way that things are going, I will be voiting third party for President and more than likely Democrat for everything else.
I think that if we would stop and serve our fellow man and even the church get more involved with the community outside of it instead of letting the government take care of the world, then we would be much better off as a society.

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