Finally a decision

I fianally got a decision from the surgeon's office this morning. The surgeon that I wanted said that he would gladly see me and it still baffles me as to why there was so much drama in getting this accomplished. I have a feeling that they saw I was not just going to lay down and die for them and since I had already talked to the insurance company, that gave me real leverage and they could not dispute that and had to give in. I will be going on Monday, October 27 at 3:30 and we will just see what happens after that. I have a sneaky feeling that after what the ultrasound showed, that the gall bladder will be coming out and if so, then I want to schedule the surgery as soon as possible. I know that it will be an outpatient procedure as well as being done laproscoprically. I know that will be better for me and the recovery time will be easier than an open incision. I kow that this group will not do anything with an open incision unless they absolutely have to and i greatly appreciate that too.
It will definitely be interesting to see what actually happens.

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