A rough day

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I had eaten the leftovers from the night before and the leftover hamburger steak evidently did not set well with all of the problems I have been having with my gall bladder. It took me well over two hours to eat lunch and still even supper was making me burp badly. I am so looking forward to seeing the surgeon on Monday afternoon because this is really getting old and I am really uncomfortable.
Sue is really tired and I am hoping that our doctor will get off of his rear and see about getting something done for her and maybe demanding that the insurance company see her problem ass a matter of life and death because she is so tired all of the time and I know that it has to be from her weight and not sleeping like she should be. I have a sneaky feeling that she is dealing with a sleep apnea issue and the CPAP machine is here since I no longer need it. It is hers at her disposal and I think that she would really benefit from it because before I lost so much weight, it really helped me sleep too. There was a time that I could not sleep well without the thing, but now that I have lost so much weight, it really does me no good.

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