Really excited

I got an email earlier today telling me that the lady who had fostered Major throughut his training has finally become an apprentice trainer at Southeastern. I know that Jessi had been a kennel assistant and had been promoted back in July to a trainer assistant and that was a good thing and knew that in time she would be in line for one of the next apprenticeships available and to her creditt, she got the next one available.
I am really proud of her and for her as well because she really loves the dogs and will do a great job and will be apprenticing under some really good trainers that will definitely teach her plenty. I am hoping that we can get a group together to go down to the walk in February and I would love to hear her say hi Handsome to Major and I know that he would jump on her too.
It was funny because any time that she would come around during training, all she would ahve to say was hi handsome and he would turn toward her and sometimes would even jump up on her too. It was kind of funny to see.
Major is such a silly dog and many people down at the school said that he had no personality, but that is not true, it just takes him a little bit to warm up to you if he doesn't know you. I can definitely remember our first day, he did not really warm up to me until the next morning when I was getting out of the tub/shower combination and stepped on 97 pounds of black Labrador named Major. It really cracked me up and after I told Raymond my trainer, he laughed and said that was him showing me his silly side and that he was bonding with me and he has done things over and over again in the almost 15 months that we ahve been partners to show me he is a silly dog and that he is definitely a daddy's boy.

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