Still waiting

I am still waiting on the doctor's office to call and give me an appointment for the surgeon's office. I called the appointment secretary at the surgeon's office to see if an appointment had been mae, but all I got was her voice mail, so I left a message in hopes that she will call me back soon to let me know what is going on. This is really ridiculous having to wait five days at least to get a referral to see the surgeon. This stuff with the gall bladder is really getting uncomfortable and I really wish that something could hurry up and get done. Last night was really aggravating because I kept burping and after awhile my belly ached so badly that I ended up taking one of the pain pills that the doctor's nurse practitioner had prescribed for me and that really helped. If they are going to do surgery, then I want it to be done as quicly as possible so that the holidays can be enjoyed without having this over my head too.
I guess things will get taken care of in the next day or wo.

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