Finally getting somewhere

I think I am finally getting somewhere about getting an appointment to see the surgeon about my gall bladder issue. I found out just a few minutes ago the referral has not even been started. I got the song and dance about the priorities about appendicitis and kidney stones, but excuse me a gall bladder going bad should be up there too. It has been one week since they were supposed to have started on this and are now getting to it. I find this unacceptable and it is obvious that the office has gotten too big for its personnel and that is just wrong. I have spoken to the office manager as well as my doctor's nurse about this problem and will talk to them again if necessary. I will even call someone in the administrator's office at the hospital if need be to see if this problem can be quickly taken care of.
The referral secretary said that she would start working on this right away and hopefully will be able to call me back later on today with an appointment. I know that the surgeon I want has openings on Monday at this point and maybe I can get one for Monday or next Thursday and that would give Sue time to either take the day off or be able to get her mom to take me. It has gotten aggravating, but think I am finally getting somewhere. I have heard that the squeaking weheel always gets the grease.

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