A great weekend

We spent a great weekend at this little Methodist Church in Pinopolis, SC which is outside of Moncks Corner. The people were awesome and made me realize that is what church is supposed to be like. It was more like one huge family and I know that Sue and I have really looked for a church that we can call home, and trust me we have not found that sort of place. I really feel like we were ministered to and it really recharged my batteries. It was really tiring, but that is ok too.
We work with the youth and if there was ever a need right now, that is with our youth. Sue and I have been trying to give up the youth for about five years now and I really feel like God has told me to stay with them even though we are so much older and really have nothing in common with the youth of today. I cannot believe all of the stuff that they go through and all of the stuff that they have to play with that I did not have when I was their age. The biggest problem that we encountered was the cell phonbes and texting from them and had to ask them to make sure that they kept them out of sight while we had our sessions. Now I have a phone, but it stayed in my pocket on vibrate and that is what it should have been. I really feel like we are supposed to be dealing with them right now to make sure that they not only know Christ as their Savior but to love him and let Him love them with that everlasting love that no one can give, and also to make sure that their prayer life is better too because without a prayer life, life would be miserable.
I am really happy that we went, but better happy to get back into my own bed as well.

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