I am feeling extremely blah tonight. I am not really sure why and part of it could be the rainy and dreary cold weather we ahve been having and part of it is just being lonely. It has been so quiet here in the house and I am miserable. I know that people are looking for someone for me to date, and I am frustrated that I am not dating someone. I know some people have told me to wait as much as two years, and I am sorry but I am ready to get on with my life. I realize that Sue was a special person and will never find another one like her and will never replace her, but feel like it is time to get on with my life too.
I am looking forward to dinner at church this weekend and then the week after Thanksgiving will be going to a Christmas dinner at the support group for gastric bypass patients and that should be fun because Theresa and Susan are going too and that will be fun and trouble all at the same time.

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