My heart is heavy

My heart is really heavy this morning for a friend of mine. Linda and Paul have been taking me to church since they live near me for several months now and I found out late yesterday afternoon that Paul had a fatal heart attack while taking a nap. This really makes me sad because I know that Linda is going through many of the same emotions I went through when Sue died 18 months ago, and believe you me, it is still way to fresh in my memory and always will be, and I guess that helps me to minister more to those who are hurting like she is.
I know that Paul is in Heaven and even though he could be a jerk, at least we are comforted in the fact that he is with our Lord and is no longer hurting from all of the heart conditions he was dealing with as well.
It is really nice to be able to minister to others that are going through what you have already gone through too.

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