16 years ago

I cannot believe that 16 years ago I was about to be married to my soulmate and best friend.  Sue and I were not young, she was 35 and I was 37.  I remember thinking after many failed relationships I would never find the one person that I would want to spend the rest of my life with and when we met, it was literally love at first sight for me.  I think I literally scared her to death when I proposed on our first date, but that's ok too.  We were blessed to have nearly 10 good  years of marriage before she succombed to a fatal heart attack on March 6 2009.  It was a good marriage with only one really major fight.  It was not  perfect, but it was good and would do it again.
  Sue I don't think you have any idea how greatly you are missed.  I have totally rearranged the house, have put out many of my NASCAR collectables you gave me and they are displayed with pride as well as our china, and it actually has been used by mom, me David and Eve last Christmas since it was only the four of us in town that Christmas day.  It was good because 11 days earlier I had to lay Major the Gentle Giant down due to cancer and I know you know how much that broke my heart.  I have Thermo now, a very exhuberent Yellow Labrador and I think you would be madly in love with this overgrown puppy.  He is turning into a confident guide dog even if my mom doesn't totally trust him because you know how much she likes to control me especially now that dad is  gone.  I have tried really hard to carry on in the past 6 1/2 years since you left me.  Let's see I have had four major back surgeries and the last one I was told that within a 95 percent probability I would be a full blown paraplegic, not sure if I was ready for that, but you know me I would have made the best out of it anyhow.  I have had some work done on the house and even though I am still getting the move to move, I am still here in Pine Ridge.  We bought this house as our home and until I have guidance from above, I have no plans on moving.  I am comfortable here and since the house has been rearranged, I know  where everything is and enjoy having friends come over from time to time.  Beverly is still in the trailer.  Toby passed six months after you did and she and Brandon, her son, have done a good job of keeping the place up and keeping the rent up as well.  I am hoping to sell it to them this summer, by owner financing it to them and I really hope they will buy it from me.Other than that I miss you more than ever and no I am not dating yet.  I have been on one date since you passed and I would like to, just haven't found the right girl, and maybe I am comparing you to anyone I would meet, but you were special and knew that God gave you to me and as you recall I wasted no time in asking you to marry me.  I still cannot believe that tomorrow, July 10 2015 would have been our 16th wedding anniversary and you would have been retired from Hopkins by now.  Just know I always loved you even when I did not show it like I always should have.I look forward to the day when I reach Heaven and we will see each other again.  Happy anniversary my angel.

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