Really wrung out

I feel really wrung out today. Dad is still in the hospital and it looks like this is the end of his life. It has only been a little over nine months since I lost Sue and now am having to deal with all of this emotionally and humanly it is almost more than I can handle. Dad has had a great life and he is a great man and has been a great role model not as a father but as a husband to my mother and after looking at their marriage, I see all of the mistakes I made in my marriage and am praying that I get that second chance.
I miss Sue right now and have told her several times lately I am mad at her for leaving me because I really could use the comfort of her arms right now too.
I know that God is with us all and int he coming days will be with us more than ever, but it doesn't mean that I am really hurting right now and am really chrishing my friends and family right now.

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