A frustrating morning

I am really frustrated this morning. A lady on a blind singles list I am on called to vent and this person is so high maintenance that it is not even funny. Everytime I went to say something, she just bullied her way and talked over me. If she calls again and does this, I am just going to have to ask er to let me in the conversation or not call me back. I feel like I ahve been hit with a sledge hammer and it is not even 10:00 yet.
I know that she was accused of being rude on a conference call and if she acted there like she did to me this morning, I would have to concur with that assessement. I finally had to tell her that I had to go because I had laundry to get in the washing machine and needed two hands. It worked out perfectly because I missed things that had to be washed and was happy to have gotten off of the phone and set up the talking caller I.D. in case she calls back and it will even tell me who is beeping me on my call waiting. I am almost getting to the point where I don't answer the call waiting. I hate that stuff and it is a real pain.
I feel tired already and I am trying to get laundry done and guess I need to go and get some work in the kitchen done.
I wasn't going to get on the bike or treadmill, but at this point it might take away some of the stress I am feeling right now.