Really scared

I am really scared. Ever since Sue died I really was looking for someone to date and then to get married again, and yes I would not mind that coming true but on my terms and even on God's terms. I have a good friend that emailed me last week and told me she was attracted to me. The problem is that I am not attracted to her like she is to me and just don't know how to handle it.
I have been praying to make sure that this is right and have not gotten my answer yet, and then today about lunchtime Tracy texted me and told me she was thinking about me today, and that really blew me away. I had no idea what to say back so I told her I thought they were good thoughts and hoped she was doing well because she deals with really bad migranes.
I really hope that I did not hurt her feelings, but it shocked me and after having some bad situations with women coming on to me, I just do not know how to handle this. I would never hurt Tracy in one million years, but am not attracted to her at all right now and just do not know how to tell her.
There is another blind lady that I correspond with and really like her better, so who knows how it will work out and Betsy seems to be more settled.

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