A fun evening

We had a really fun evening last night. Trans Siberian Orchestra was in town and I had been wanting to see them for several years and let me tell you, that was one great concert. I have never seen a light show like that ever before and they had everything from lasers to a flame bar and it was Sue's first rock concert and I think she enjoyed the first half that was all Christmas, but did not enjoy the second half as much as I did and it was a great show. I would definitely go back and see them again. We don't go to things like that often, but it is a nice treat to go out every now and then because the life around school is really a a rat race and with my surgery coming up later on this week, it was definitely a nice diversion.
Mom and I went to lunch today and got a great hamburger at a local place in South Congaree that we like to go to as well and it was nice too.

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